Ariyo Sanmi, PhD


Ariyo Sanmi, PhD

Destination Selection in Seattle, Washington

A data-based approach using Seattle Airbnb Open Survey Data.


The travel and tourism industry has grown magnificently in the last few decades, in large part due to the significant advancement in the aviation, transportation and housing industry.

Whether for business or leisure, travellers are very particular about their choice of destination to ensure maximum comfortability. This is commonly determined based on certain factors such as accommodation types, cruise, proximity to the city, ease of movement, shopping, availability of car rental and other amenities.

The Airbnb Data covers details of guests who toured Seattle, including their host location, neighbourhood, property types, rooms availability, cost and reviews.

If you need an answer to any of those questions, here are essential insights I gathered from the survey data of respondents who had visited the city in the past.

Part I: What Property Types are most Suitable for Tourists?

Based on the selections of preceding travellers in Seattle, the figure below indicates that most tourists prefer houses, and alternatively, an apartment as their preferred property type. In general, houses represent a whopping 45.4% of tourist property selection, and apartments represent extra 44.8%, making up 90.2% of the 16 distinct property types available.

Property Types Available

The most prominent take away from this aggregated data shows the fancied property types for tourist and a bit of advice for suitable investment options for venture capitalists. Houses and apartments are considerably encouraged compared to less patronized ones such as Chalet, Dorm and Yurt.

Part II: Most Popular Destination in Seattle

From figure 2 below, the favourite neighbourhood destination among travellers in Seattle is notably the Capitol Hill. Of the total 3,402 recorded visitors who rented an Airbnb accommodation in Seattle, 351 stayed in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood, representing 9.2% of the total travellers. Following Capitol Hill is Ballard and Belltown with 213 and 204 recorded tenants, representing 5.6% and 5.3% of the entire tenants respectively. Therefore, the three top neighbourhood accumulates a combined 21% of all 81 communities in the city of Seattle.

Communities in Seattle

Part III: Which Neighbourhood would continue to record an increasing number of Tourists?

Going by the respondents’ reviews, the majority of tourists had fun at Capitol Hills and rated it the highest, followed by Ballard, Belltown, Mirror and Queen Anne respectively. Understandably, respondents provide higher ratings for the district in which they enjoyed their visit and lower ratings where they had a terrible stay. Statistically, Capitol Hill has more ratings compared to other places, and the figures below depict the top ten regions with the leading ratings.

Respondents Neighbourhood Rating

Clearly, on the one hand, regions with higher rating scores would maintain a higher number of vacationists as people would likely recommend lovely spots to their contemporaries for vacation or any other form of leave. On the other hand, places with higher visits but low reviews such as University Districts and Stevens should expect a decline in tourist activities.


In this write-up, we have presented the analysis of respondents who visited the city of Seattle in Washington, using the Airbnb Open Data.

Where would you choose as your destination in Seattle, and where and what property type would you invest in that area?

To have a clearer view of this analysis, check the link to my Github available here, and the medium post available here.

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